Aedvines Instruments
My own design basses and guitars

My musical history in a nutshell

My name is Edwin Paanakker. Musician and luthier.

At the age of 16 I started to play guitar. It was a telecaster from the Teisco factory in Japan.
Soon I started making 2 guitar bodies with my friend Rob Arkema. He had a bandsaw and a router.
He did the sawing and routing with those two. I the sanding and lacquering.
They were an Exporer, and a Flying V model.

I also played in my first band with him. A Rockabilly band. Nameless.
In 1981 I joined another friends band. The band was named AMAE after the 4 letters of our names.
After a short while the band became a trio and played a Rush style of music.
The drummer and singer, Frank, started recording his own songs in that same period. At first it was a Bowie sounding music. Later on, a more own style. That band was HGPS. Otto and I played from the beginning in what became the band Headline Generating Plant Show (HGPS). This band existed until 1987.

In the meantime Otto van Alphen started his band Geilenbach which I joined. The first band I played in dressed as Glam Rock. I’ll make a page on this site with photos over the years.
Otto has a bass made in 1988, and the 1978 Explorer. I modified it in 1988.
Around 1987 I met Frans Haarmeijer. A youngster who knew how to calculate scales for guitars and basses. And how trusrods were mounted in necks. In that period I got a whole stairway in wood. Meranti. Frans and I made a number of instruments from them. The bass for Otto is made of that wood.
Soon I bought better woods and the designs went up. Laminated bodies with neck through constructions.
In 1992 I joined the band Blue Star. The highlight for that band was a tour through the South of the United States. We also played the 1993 edition of SxSW in Austin Texas.

I stopped playing in bands and making instruments in 1994. In 2007 I started again with building.
With Frans I started Convolution Instruments. Making solid body basses which sound like a double bass.
But in 2013 I started Aedvines Instruments. Here you see the results.